At Aarco Group we have spread our services across many aspects so as to serve our clients under one roof. We aim to render better living conditions, pleasure rooted surroundings and long-lasting properties that could be always cherished by our clients. Architectural Consultancy, Real Estates, Property Development, Interior & Exterior Solutions, Investment in Sri Lanka, Investment in Maldives, and Construction Services composite our group.

Real Estate & Investment

At Aarco Group we are deeply rooted into a culture of creating the everlasting relationships with our clients and offering them the ultimate solutions that are always cherished and treasured. And we serve our clients’ Real Estate and Investment needs through “Aarco Real Estates & Investments”.

Aarco Real Estates & Investments being as an integral part of Aarco (Pvt) Ltd aims to yield the most exciting outcomes entrenched from the wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka.


Property Development

At Aarco Group we are deeply rooted into a culture of creating the everlasting relationships with our clients and offering them the ultimate solutions that are always cherished and treasured. We serve our clients’ Property Development needs through “Aarco Real Estates & Investments”.

We at Aarco Real Estates & Investments, get involved in the multifaceted process of property development with passion in identifying, developing and delivering the most prime properties for our clients.


Interior & Exterior Solutions

Aarco (Pvt) Ltd, a company that has been passionately rooted in construction and architecture industry for 3 decades, it’s highly irresistible for us to be away from providing Interior and Exterior solutions for our valued clients. “NSB Interiors” is the integral part of Aarco Group that is dedicated to serve the clients with the most inspiring, contemporary and creative interior and exterior solutions. We at NSB Interiors, sensibly believe that breathtaking creativity emerges at the point where the inspiration to deliver the best solutions meet with the drive for knowledge in understanding the contemporary imaginations of interior and exterior designing. This is where we stand ahead and serve our clients at our best that keeps them satisfied, embraces them with pride and offers them the pleasure of living.

Not all houses are homes. Just buildings cannot be a place of living that gives you the pleasure and the prestige. Houses to become home, the lively element of love should persist. As such to covert a building into a place of living the interior and exterior designing of the building should have the soul of liveliness. We promise to add that liveliness to your place of living and working.


Investment in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

A nation that has started to reveal its potentials. A tiny land with just a total land area of 65,610 sq. km. in the Indian Ocean has been a center of attraction since the ancient days. Its strategic location in the Silk route made it to be popular in the ancient centuries. Currently the tremendous growth it shows subsequent to the end of 3 decades of political unrest and war has made the country a sessional part of booming Asia.

Sri Lanka is simply a nation that is blessed with immense and diverse natural attractions mixed with rich cultural and traditional context. The importance of the country is evident since 6th century BC and even it got increased since 16th century when the European Colonialists invaded the country. Prior to the Colonial ruling under Portuguese, Dutch and British, the country was ruled by 181 kings from the kingdoms of Anuradhapura to Kandy.


Property Sales & Rentals

Aarco Group which is versatile enough to handle almost all aspects of construction and investment purposes ranging from Architectural Services, Construction Services, Consultancy Services, Real Estate Management to Property Development. In addition we also concentrate in Property Sales and Rentals. The Property Sales and Rental business of the group is being looked after by Aarco Real Estates & Investments.


Construction Services

At Faiqah Constructions, an integral part of Aarco Group, we are determined to serve our clients’ Construction needs with utmost care and unparalleled experience. We ensure that your project is attended by our experts with the most pleasing mindset, completed within the promised duration and more importantly within the predetermined budget. We are well experienced and established in the field for more than 30 years by successfully completing various projects both in Sri Lanka and Maldives.